Inside Track


Package Description

SSDev Studio - Inside Track

SSDev InsideTrack is an addition to the casino, it allows both single player and multiplayer horse racing in the "InsideTrack" area!



  • Optimized
    • 0.00ms when not near InsideTrack area
    • 0.02ms - 0.04ms when near InsideTrack area
    • 0.03ms - 0.05mswhen betting console is open
  • Works across multiple frameworks ESX | QB-Core | Custom (Standalone)
  • Can play single player games while players wait for the multiplayer game to start
  • Multiplayer horses synced across all participants screens (Everyone sees the same race, horse positions, horse colours, horse winner)
  • Security
    • Ability to add your own ban resource for when players attempt to cheat/exploit the game
    • Horse winners are determined server side instead of client side, unlike other scripts.
    • Server determines the winning amount to give to the player and the client does not send a custom amount to the server them self.
    • Protection against:
      • Betting twice on the same game
      • Betting on a game thats already in progress
      • Betting on a non existent horse
  • Fully Customizable
    • Ability to open the console using QTarget, QBTarget or a Command
    • Ability to change the currency that the players play with and win
    • Rules button can be enabled and disabled
    • Ability to change the minimum and maximum game duration (Game duration is random between these two values)
    • Ability to change the amount of time there is between multiplayer games
    • Ability to change how long the results screen is shown for
    • Ability to change the default horse name
    • Ability to automatically set the horse name to the first person who betted on it name.
    • Changeable horse colours
    • Minimum and Maximum bet amounts
    • Bet multiplier for the winnings
    • Changeable bet increment/decrements amounts
    • Overridable settings for both single player and multiplayer
    • Configurable betting console positions

Planned Featuress

  • Discord Logging

Available Events

Client Events

Event NameDescription
ssdev_insidetrack:openConsoleOpens the betting console
ssdev_insidetrack:closeConsoleCloses the betting console

Server Events

Event NameDescription
ssdev_insidetrack:multiplayer:requestGameDataCalling this will request the multiplayer game state. This is called internally and you do not need to call this yourself. But you can call it to force an update.


Main Betting ScreenHorses RacingBetting screen for main eventPerf 1Perf 2Perf 3